Auto Accident Injury FAQs

That pain that you feel in your muscles or joints after an auto accident could be due to a musculoskeletal injury. Auto accidents can cause whiplash, disc damage, spinal misalignment, and other potentially significant injuries. Chiropractic care offers a drug-free, natural means of managing musculoskeletal pain from an auto injury. These frequently asked questions from Pamer Chiropractic Life Center West in Mansfield, OH, explain the benefits of seeing a chiropractor for auto accident pain relief.


Why Should I See a Chiropractor After an Auto Accident?

A chiropractor can help diagnose and treat musculoskeletal auto accident injuries. These injuries can leave you with pain, inflammation, and restricted mobility. Our chiropractor will use natural therapies like chiropractic adjustments, massage, and corrective exercises to ease neck, shoulder, or back pain and promote healing. We will give you personalized chiropractic treatments to meet your specific health and wellness needs.

What Auto Accident Injuries Can a Chiropractor Treat?

Your chiropractor can treat whiplash, shoulder pain, back pain, strains and sprains, misalignments in your neck or spine, herniated discs, and other auto accident injuries. We can diagnose your injuries and determine a treatment plan tailored to you after a thorough exam. We can use one or multiple chiropractic techniques to improve your range of motion and provide long-lasting pain relief.

What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a neck injury that can occur when your head is thrust forward and backward uncontrollably during a car collision. This action can cause muscle sprains, ligament tears, or damage to tendons and nerves in your cervical spine. Whiplash symptoms may include neck pain and stiffness, headaches, back and shoulder pain, nausea, dizziness, and sleeplessness.   

How Does Chiropractic Care Help With Whiplash Treatment?

Whiplash can thrust your cervical spine out of alignment. A chiropractor can realign your neck and spine through chiropractic adjustments to relieve pressure on the muscles, bones, and nerves. Adjustments can help ease pain and inflammation in your cervical spine and promote natural healing.

What Makes Chiropractic Care So Effective in Treating Musculoskeletal Injuries?

Chiropractic care treats your pain and its cause to help you fully recover from your injury. Your chiropractor uses chiropractic adjustments and other natural therapies to address the source of your pain, which could be a herniated disc, misaligned vertebrae, strained muscles, or compressed nerves. Chiropractic auto-injury treatment relieves pain, restores body function, and promotes quicker healing from an auto injury. Treating the source of your injuries rather than the symptoms helps promote long-lasting relief and wellness.

See Your Chiropractor Near You in Mansfield, OH, for Auto-Injury and Whiplash Treatment

Chiropractic care offers a natural and non-invasive alternative to treat auto accident injuries, so contact Pamer Chiropractic Life Center West in Mansfield, OH, for long-lasting pain relief and improved mobility. Call us and schedule a consultation today at (419) 529-2703. 

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