We love our patients! One of our patients shared her testimony with us, and we would like to share it with you as well.

"I heard about Pamer Chiropractic from my best friend. Before coming into the office I had less energy, and bad low back pain. Since I have been getting corrective care adjustments my posture has improved and I have more energy. It has helped my overall life."

Thank you Emily for sharing your testimony with us!

  • Three years ago, I was suffering from a multiple list of medical issues. This list ranged from arthritic knees, back and shoulder, to not sleeping well at night. My sister, Krista, suggested I go and see Dr. Matt at Pamer Chiropractic. So, one Saturday morning I went in for an evaluation and x-rays. I decided to begin care with Dr. Matt. Over the span of three years, I have progressed nicely. With the progression I made, one main problem has been solved. That problem is sleeping at night. I would wake up 3-4 times a night and not always fall back asleep. Now, because of Dr. Matt and Pamer Chiropractic, I can sleep well at night and not get up at all. I still have my arthritic knees, neck, and back, but I am more mobile than I have ever been. I thank Dr. Matt and I thank God for my healing.

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  • In August I was supposed to go fishing. I got up on a Saturday morning and couldn’t turn my head. I was in no shape to go fishing, I had circulation problems, and walked with a cane. Dr. Matt said we can help you. With the help of God I said I will give you three months. He accepted the challenge. In 3 months I was walking without the aid of the cane. I had dizziness and skin ulcers which are gone. I did what the doctor said to do. I didn’t see a rapid overnight change, but there has been steady change.

    Show More - Art P.
  • I am now off the anti-inflammatory drugs.

    - Mr. Armstrong
  • I first tried chiropractic because my hand was numb all the time and I was unable to use it at all. I praise God that after only 4 visits I have total use of my hand and have never had any more trouble with it. I am thankful for Pamer Chiropractic.

    - Shelly M.
  • Constant pain gone, now sleeping better.

    - Brianna L.

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